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Be sure to read about all the amenities the Hotel has to offer -- Nightclub Indigo, Rick's Restaurant, Crickets Lounge, Indoor golf simulator, gift shop, Spa & Fitness Center (including massage, body treatments, facials, pedicures, fitness rooms, tanning and more) and indoor/outdoor pools!

GUESTROOM RATE will apply THREE days prior to start date and THREE days following the function end date.

Room Rates





Standard Double Room





Queen 2 Room Suite






Cancellation of guestroom reservations are required a minimum of 72 hours in advance of arrival date. Any reservations cancelled within less than 72 hours notice will be charged a One Night Room and Tax cancellation penalty.

CUT OFF DATE for room discounts/block: It is required that all reservations be received on or before 9/6/2015, 12:00 AM. Reservation requests following the Cut Off Date will be reserved on a space and rate available basis.

Individuals reserving guestrooms for the event must identify themselves with American Chesapeake Club to receive the Group rate. Reservations honoring the group rate are available now and only 2 reservations can be made per individual. Please call reservations at 800-558-9573. Online reservations will not be able to get the group rate. All reservations must be guaranteed with a credit card or advance deposit.

Guestroom requests including bedding type, smoking preferences, adjoining rooms, etc., will be accommodated on a space available basis upon arrival. Such requests cannot be guaranteed in advance by the Resort. Reservations deadline is 30 days prior to the arrival of the event. Cancellation of guestroom reservations are required a minimum of 72 hours in advance of arrival date. Any reservations cancelled within less than 72 hours notice will be charged a One Night Room and Tax cancellation penalty.

CHECK IN / CHECK OUT: Check in time is 3 PM and check out time at 11 AM. The Resort will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for early check in and late check out, however, cannot guarantee these requests. Guests that do not check out by the designated time, without approval by the Resort, will be charged an additional night stay.


RESORT DOG SHOW RULES:    (please read / very important)

1. $25.00 Non-Refundable* deposit per room AND/OR $50.00 Non-Refundable* deposit per suite is required at check-in from guests with dogs in rooms. All resort rooms will be inspected within 72 hours of departure and charged for any excess damage or necessary cleaning as deemed by the Resort and/or the ACC. Pictures may be provided of any offenses if requested.

2. Early Guestroom Check-outs will be charged a (1) one-night stay.

3. A maximum of four (4) dogs are permitted in each resort room. No exceptions. Failure to comply may result in a fine of $50.00 per day of the offense.

4. Dogs are to be crated when in guest rooms. All Crates in Guestrooms are to be placed on Plastic.

5. Host Club is responsible to provide Plastic required under all crates in Guestrooms, Guest Services will hand out to guests upon check-in.

6. Plastic is required to cover floor and all walls a minimum of 42” from floor in entire grooming area, plastic provided by the Host Club

7. For the safety of resort staff, the Host Club must provide and all rooms must have a sign on the outside of the door to indicate dogs are occupying the room. The Housekeeping Staff requires that you allow cleaning daily.

8. All rooms must be available for cleaning and ALL privacy signs must be removed no later than 11 AM each day. NO EXCEPTIONS. Anyone refusing service will be charged an additional $25 per day of refused service.

9. Dogs MUST be on a leash when walking in resort rooms, hallways or any public areas of the hotel.

10. The resort requires that all dogs be escorted up or down via stairways OR in the designated “Dog Elevator.” The second elevator will be reserved for Resort guests without dogs. NO EXCEPTIONS!

11. Please do not use the service elevator in the kitchen.

12. No dogs are allowed in the lobby of the resort, hallways outside the restaurant, Frisco Bay Game Room, Club Indigo or Cricket’s Lounge. No dogs are allowed in or near any food service outlet.

13. No dogs are permitted poolside or in any restroom.

14. No bathing or grooming of dogs in resort rooms. Offenders are subject to eviction. The use of hotel linens or towels for pets is prohibited. Upon request, The Resort will provide old sheets to guests to place over the beds in guestrooms with dogs.

15. No grooming in any public areas inside the resort. A bathing area with a hose bib and water and a grooming area can be provided. The hotel will not provide towels for the grooming area.

16. Designated areas will be assigned for exercising dogs, please use only these areas and clean up after all dogs. Offenders are subject to eviction.

17. RV PARKING: All RV parking must be reserved in advance. The Show Committee will provide Olympia with a list of reservations a minimum of 15 days in advance. Rental fee is $25.00 per day for RV parking for guests without hotel reservations. Space is limited to (30) self-contained units.

Any guest whose dog makes excessive noise will receive one warning to remedy the situation. If the problem persists after this warning, Resort management reserves the right to remove the offending dog and guest from the Hotel.

The Group will assign a liaison to meet daily with the Head of Housekeeping and hotel management to ensure that all of its members are complying with hotel rules. Any offenders will be asked to leave the hotel immediately, with no refunds. The offending guest(s) will be held responsible for all charges in the event damage occurs to a room."

            Print out Hotel info here

On Site RV Parking

RV PARKING Space is available on the Olympia Resort Grounds, by Advance Reservation Only.  Payment must be received at the time the reservation is made.  RV Parking is limited to 30 units.

Reservation Fee is $25/night, includes the use of the spa.  Payment can be made by check or money order.  If you wish to park next to someone please mail your reservations together.  An acknowledgement will be emailed back to you when we receive your reservation.

Deadline for Reservations / Cancellations is September 18, 2015.

Print out the RV Reservation Form here

RV parking is on a paved parking lot adjacent to the resort with ample grassy exercise area for dogs. 

No hookups are available. External generators are permitted. No discharge of gray water or sanitary tanks on the ground or in open containers is permitted.  Please contact the RV Coordinator for information on sanitary tank pumping services. If sawdust or shavings are used, they must be cleaned up before you leave.  Ex-pens will be allowed on designated grass areas, no matting required. If a Guest occupies a guestroom, there will be no charge for their personal RV (limit one).  Use of this parking privilege is at your own risk. Neither the American Chesapeake Club, the Show Committee, the Olympia Resort Host nor the RV Coordinator assumes any responsibility or liability for damage or loss to any vehicles, their contents, or dogs.

Motor homes and RV’s may be parked only in the designated RV parking area.  Fire lanes must be kept open at all times. Vehicles parked illegally or in an area other than the designated RV area, will be subject to towing at owner’s expense with no prior notice. Exhibitors are responsible for cleanup of their own RV spaces. RV parking is a privilege extended by the Olympia Resort Host and the Specialty Committee.  Exhibitors are asked to be considerate of their neighbors.  The RV Chair has the authority to allocate space and to ask that any problems be remedied. The RV Coordinator will provide a Parking Pass when you arrive / check-in which must be displayed in a visible location on your motor home or RV.

Any questions, please contact: Becky Patrick, 847-922-1128,  




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